12 MAY 2017


I’m not here to boast or anything but I’m going give myself a pat on the shoulder because I finally graduated. And yes it felt great!!


Squad goals realised. From left: Koki, Dimpho, Mahlatsi, and me.

My close friends and family were there and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. They have been by my side through everything, my outbursts, my episodes, my happy ¬†moments and all those times I was a pain (and trust me, I can be a very terrible pain).

There was only one person who wasn’t there, I am not going to mention names, but this person has been there since day one, I think from my early days in high school. This person knows everything about me, unfortunately this person had to write an exam on that day, and it could have been extra special if this person was there, however this person will remain to be ¬†“MY PERSON” nonetheless (only Grey’s Anatomy’s fans will get this one).

I only remember small bits about that day, like my mom ululating when I got on stage(huge embarrassment by the way) and I have never seen my brother that happy and that proud of me, I must admit I was also a little emotional, especially when I remember all those times when I wanted to give up or when an exam gave me hell on a plate.

Graduating with my friends, X, Phigza, Sthe and Brighton would have been the cherry on top, but we don’t always get what we want, do we?


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