That’s how we are.


Only passionate people will understand this:

“When you are a passionate person, the only way you know how to love is passionately. That shit is a gift and curse all in one.

Passionate people are few and far between so you always feel like you’re with someone who is wayyy less into you than you are into them. And like you can’t shut it off or tone it down because you just don’t know how. You don’t know how to love lackadaisically.

So your guards are up, because your love is only seen in movies and everyone claims to be what you need. But you never know until it’s too late. But it’s mostly destructive, because you crave a type of love only certain people can give you and you don’t pick who you love.”

When you’re a passionate lover it’s so important to be self-aware. We sacrifice ourselves for others’ happiness because that’s how we are…


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